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Nascar Manager

Racing game fans that prefer officially licensed NASCAR content don’t have that many options on Android. There are a ton of Apps that do different things involved with NASCAR but not many that are games of any sort. NASCAR Manager by Eutechnyx Limited aims to change that.

Nascar Manager

Just as the title suggests, you’ll be managing most aspects of your own Nascar racing team on a variety of different official Nascar tracks. Nascar Manager lets you manage your favorite car and team from the actual circuit itself. You’ll have to deal with all aspect of running a team right down to modifications to your race car, calling race strategy from the pit box and so on. There are a couple of different game modes to play through as well including a Career Mode, Season Mode and Speedweek challenges.

Nascar Manager

NASCAR Manager also allows players to unlock sponsorships from real life manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford. The game also includes HD graphics, an easy to navigate interface, and official drivers, tracks and cars.

Nascar Manager is free for download and is an officially licensed NASCAR title with a link below. Don’t forget to rate the game and leave us a comment on how you felt about the game!

NASCAR Manager
NASCAR Manager
Price: Free*

Our Two Bedroom Story

Our Two Bedroom Story by Voltage, is an otome (female-focused) Japanese Dating Simulation game. It plays much like any visual novel you may have played on your PC and brings with it all the aspects of the genre that one would expect. From the beginning you’re free to choose the object of your romantic affections. This is rather beneficial instead of having to load save file after save file until you’ve managed to follow the story path that leads to your desired romantic interest.

Whether you’re drawn by the macho Minato Okouchi and his typical alpha male attitude or the aloof, but surprisingly buff, Kaoru Kirishima, you can simply choose their corresponding storylines by tapping their names in the events of the game’s opening sequence.

Our Two Bedroom Story

Fans of the Japanese Dating Sim genre might see this approach as cheap or lazy, but Voltage should be praised here for making the selection process so easy to navigate. With the widespread popularity of smartphones, this could be a great entry level game for those who are unfamiliar with the genre. Getting rid of the tedious loading and saving to achieve a desired outcome neatly eliminates one of my biggest complaints about visual novel games, and gives you a sense of control over how the story unfolds.

Even with that said, Our Two Bedroom Story is still not an easy game to breeze through. As one would expect, you’re still confronted with critical choices to make throughout the course of the game that determine whether you’ll receive the “Happy Ending” or the “Good Ending”. Sometimes, these choices will contradict with how you yourself feel, and so each decision brings with it a challenge of balancing how you would react with the actions that your character would likely choose. Thankfully, games like these are more about the journey to whichever ending you wind up with so either way it’s sure to be fun.

Our Two Bedroom Story

Our Two Bedroom Story is filled with very detailed character designs and backgrounds that compliment the the text-heavy nature of its storytelling. The soundtrack, while not ground breaking, has a nice variety and cycles between a broad range of tracks to suit the mood of the story as it progresses.

If you’re looking for a good romantic thrill to play on the go, you could certainly do worse than Our Two Bedroom Story. While the step-brother angle is a bit weird to me, there’s a certain undeniable allure to hiding a risque romance from your co-workers and family. Our Two Bedroom Story is available for free download in the link below.

Our Two Bedroom Story
Our Two Bedroom Story
Developer: Voltage, Inc.
Price: Free*

Galactic Phantasy Prelude, a new open world space RPG has arrived onto Android. Developed by Moonfish Software, this is a pretty big 3D Action-RPG that has lots of options where you can either follow the quests and storyline of the game or venture off on your own.

In terms of content, Galactic Phantasy Prelude has a lot of it packed into a download of about 300mb. You have the ability to build up your fleet with roughly around 46 different types of ships that are available across a variety of different classes from a Frigate up to a massive Battlecruiser and everything in between. Combat is much like a third-person arcade game, so you’ll actually need some skill to survive and do well in combat throughout the game.

With all the different possibilities of ships to have, there is a ton of customization options available for each one. There are over 2000 different pieces of equipment that can be used to customize your ships in Galactic Phantasy Prelude. This gives you the ability to tailor each ship and class to suit your style of gameplay. As for story mode, you can do whatever you want. The game is pretty open so if you want o go venturing off on your own or following the storyline, it doesn’t matter. There is a 10 star rating system for each mission so getting a perfect score might take a few attempts at first.

Your choice of survival in this game is up to you. You can rob other ships, smuggle goods and other not-so-good activities or you can be a good guy and stop ships from doing those types of activities. How you play this game is up to you. Galactic Phantasy Prelude is definitely not a game you will be finishing in one sitting.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude – Game Hints:

To increase your chance to survive battles:

1. Know your enemies: those that are substantially weaker than you are marked with a grey flag, those that are about the same level as you are marked yellow, those marked red are ones that you should consider to avoid.

2. Use Defense Matrix (DM) and Repair Ship. DM is a protective shield that blocks all incoming attack and it can get recharged when turned off. Repair Ship recovers your ship’s SP instantly during battles.

3. Add a wingman ship to your fleet which attacks your enemies and shares some damage for your flagship. Simply build a new ship in the shipyard and assign it the wingman ship in the “fleet” menu in a starport.

4. Use your most powerful ship as the flagship. You can change your flagship with the “swap” button in the “fleet” menu in a starport. Also see “how to build a new ship” for more information.”

How to avoid battle?

1. If you do not want to engage in battles with certain pirates, hold the “turbo” button at the lower right corner and enter the nearest starport or stargate quickly.

2. During battles, you can escape by clicking the “escape” button at the upper left corner and wait for 10 seconds.”

Tips on earning money in the game:

1. Rob the transport ships. They are weaker than other pirates.

2. Accept missions in the Information Center. You will be rewarded with money or equipment. Equipment earned in missions are often better than those found in the shops.

3. Pick the easier missions such as trailing (colored green in the missions menu) that do not involve battles.

4. If you have a transport ship, you can take the smuggling missions (colored purple) that require a large cargo hold.

5. Trade goods between different markets to profit from price differences. (See also “What is Golden Route?”)

6. Sell or recycle unneeded equipment, goods or ships.”

How to get blueprint?

You need a blueprint to build a new ship. Blueprints can be acquired in battles against pirate groups like the Blackbeard, Elhibor, Babyface Syndicate, Qayzan Fighters and Dralomee Defenders. The stronger the pirate fleet you encounter, the greater the chance you can obtain better blueprints. Besides robbing pirate fleets, you may also purchase blueprints in the blueprint store by credits.

How to get Materials?

Materials can be purchased from the mining plant of any starports.

Monopoly Hotels

EA games has launched a new Monopoly themed game onto Google Play called Monopoly Hotels. This isn’t a board game as one might expect. Instead this game will let you buy, build and manage Monopoly hotels. Players will be able to take control of 5-star hotels with the main goal not being too far from what Monopoly’s original goal is, to make as much money as possible. In Monopoly Hotels though you’ll be doing that by building up your own hotel empire instead of buying properties.

Monopoly hotels isn’t just about buying hotels and earning lots of money though. This is actually a lot like EA’s The Sims game where you’ll be able to add attractions to your hotel which will then attract better customers who will pay more to stay there. You can also add other attractions outside of your hotel to help enhance your property. If you’re a fan of Monopoly why not give this a try?

Monopoly Hotels Features:
• Take control of MONOPOLY’s luxurious 5-star hotels and create your own hotel empire
• Upgrade hotel rooms and attract V.I.P. guests like MR. POTATO HEAD
• Customize your hotel with fun attractions like cupcake shops, movie theaters, and bowling alleys
• Expand your property empire with a Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, and more!

2020: My Country

2020: My Country, the sequel to My Country, is a SimCity-like simulation game where players take the responsibility of a mayor, build and run their own metropolises, and deal with all kind of emergencies. This new game recreates the structure building and citizen satisfying experience in My Country. Driven by the quests, players will construct office buildings, condos and apartments one by one, go through the multi-stage process, collect necessary items from wherever possible and put the structures into use. Different structures offer different rewards if players use them and those rewards come handy when it comes to the constructions of subsequent ventures. And a quick energy system is incorporated to keep the city expanding.

While adding structures onto the cities, players will often be taken off guard by this or that kind of accidents, such as traffic jams or flood in buildings. In order to keep those structures to function or to bring order back to people’s life, those accidents must be settled, which involves the addition of more structures.

2020: My Country Key Features:
– Deep city-building gameplay
– Spectacular graphics and highly detailed animations
– Hundreds of challenging and funny quests
– Multiple disaster events, epidemics, alien invasions, and natural disasters
– Futuristic vehicles and architecture
– More than 100,000 ways to customize each building

2020: My Country
2020: My Country
Developer: Game Insight
Price: Free*

First impressions are so important for a game like Megapolis, because it’s competing in a massively oversubscribed genre. Happily, its cheery, breezy, carefree attitude is a delight from the moment you boot it up. The soundtrack is that classic lounge music that accompanied the best sims of the ’90s, at once totally infectious and utterly forgettable.

I love the little details in the design of every building and plot of land you add to the landscape. One of the earliest you’ll see is two little chaps running about loading crates into a lorry. When one of them knocks into a big stack of them and they start wobbling, the other hastily catches them.

Megapolis is a true cross-platform city builder that allows players to switch between Facebook, iOS and Android. No energy resource, so time is the main constraint. Well animated in a pleasant graphical style.

* Awesome realistic 3D graphics
* World famous architecture from ancient to modern
* More than 500 buildings and sites, hundreds of construction materials
* Teamwork with your neighbors
* City expansion both on land and over the sea
* Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

Price: Free*

Some villagers have started a new settlement and they’ve put you in charge. In Puzzle Craft you take control of an entire populace and must help them grow their settlement into a bustling city! To do this you will need to farm, mine, collect taxes, hire workers and more. Blending two forms of gameplay for the first time, Puzzle Craft is as unique as it is addicting.

★ Part town building sim, part match-three puzzler, Puzzle Craft blends two gameplay modes together for the first time ever.
★ Incredibly deep gameplay, there’s always something to do!
★ Craft tools to aid with farming and mining.
★ Hire villagers to help out around the settlement.
★ Create special buildings to increase productivity!