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Our Two Bedroom Story

Our Two Bedroom Story by Voltage, is an otome (female-focused) Japanese Dating Simulation game. It plays much like any visual novel you may have played on your PC and brings with it all the aspects of the genre that one would expect. From the beginning you’re free to choose the object of your romantic affections. This is rather beneficial instead of having to load save file after save file until you’ve managed to follow the story path that leads to your desired romantic interest.

Whether you’re drawn by the macho Minato Okouchi and his typical alpha male attitude or the aloof, but surprisingly buff, Kaoru Kirishima, you can simply choose their corresponding storylines by tapping their names in the events of the game’s opening sequence.

Our Two Bedroom Story

Fans of the Japanese Dating Sim genre might see this approach as cheap or lazy, but Voltage should be praised here for making the selection process so easy to navigate. With the widespread popularity of smartphones, this could be a great entry level game for those who are unfamiliar with the genre. Getting rid of the tedious loading and saving to achieve a desired outcome neatly eliminates one of my biggest complaints about visual novel games, and gives you a sense of control over how the story unfolds.

Even with that said, Our Two Bedroom Story is still not an easy game to breeze through. As one would expect, you’re still confronted with critical choices to make throughout the course of the game that determine whether you’ll receive the “Happy Ending” or the “Good Ending”. Sometimes, these choices will contradict with how you yourself feel, and so each decision brings with it a challenge of balancing how you would react with the actions that your character would likely choose. Thankfully, games like these are more about the journey to whichever ending you wind up with so either way it’s sure to be fun.

Our Two Bedroom Story

Our Two Bedroom Story is filled with very detailed character designs and backgrounds that compliment the the text-heavy nature of its storytelling. The soundtrack, while not ground breaking, has a nice variety and cycles between a broad range of tracks to suit the mood of the story as it progresses.

If you’re looking for a good romantic thrill to play on the go, you could certainly do worse than Our Two Bedroom Story. While the step-brother angle is a bit weird to me, there’s a certain undeniable allure to hiding a risque romance from your co-workers and family. Our Two Bedroom Story is available for free download in the link below.

Our Two Bedroom Story
Our Two Bedroom Story
Developer: Voltage, Inc.
Price: Free*

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows a new action RPG made by Codestalkers, developers of Everland: Unleash The Magic, has just come out of beta testing and been released exclusively on Android. The game is a single-player open world action RPG that features some impressive 3D rendered graphics to compliment the gameplay.

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows follows the story of your character who has lived his life in the same town all of his life. Then one day he wakes up in the middle of the forest alone, lost and confused with no clue as to how he got there. When you return to your hometown home no one seems remembers who you are either. Something is amiss and thus begins your journey to find out what happened and set things straight.

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows is set in a fantasy world filled with all types of mystical creatures. There are goblins, golems, and gnolls that you will have to defeat just to name a few. Your character’s is skill set is made up of stealthy techniques and mystic power, which makes him invisible to enemies. You must make use of these inherent skills to defeat your enemies and take on quests quests as you seek answers to what happened to you.

Content wise, the game is loaded. There are dungeons to explore, different kinds of monsters to battle and a vast array of weapons and magic to use. It doesn’t stop there though. Players can get involved in the game by pitching their own quests on the game forum. If and once the quests are approved they will be included in a future game updates.

Rogue: Beyond the Shadows is free to play but is supported by in game ads. You can remove the ads via an in-app purchase. This also will allow you to remove items from your inventory and save the game without exiting. You will need a device running Android 4.0 and up, a 1.2 GHZ dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and at least 700 MB storage to play the game. If your device meets these requirements, be sure to check out this beautifully rendered 3D RPG adventure.

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows
Rogue: Beyond The Shadows
Developer: codestalkers
Price: Free*

Demolition Duke

Demolition Duke, by Gamelion, invites you to his playground of destruction in this recently released title for Android. The graphics are very cartonish but work for this 3D game of carnage. You get to try out all of Demolition Duke’s explosive toys. The game has two styles of play. You can either just blow stuff up at random for points or try to complete tasks by strategically placing explosive around a structures, in an attempt to do as much damage as possible or to accomplish a specific goal that you currently have available on each level.

The game falls somewhere between a mix of Angry Birds and a bridge building simulator. The key to Demolition Duke is to use explosives on various crucial points to blow these matchstick buildings, or in some cases, strategically accomplish some interesting tasks.

Demolition Duke Features:

– 17 tools of destruction to unlock and upgrade
– 150 constructions to demolish
– various tasks such as: beat time limit, drop a rag doll on a mattress to complete
– nice 3D cartoony graphics
– 3 distinctive environments: desert, spring meadow and ice field

If you install the game don’t forget to leave us a comment and rate the game below.

Demolition Duke
Demolition Duke
Developer: Gamelion Studios
Price: Free*

Traffic Racer by Sky Games is a perfect combination of eye candy, intuitive physics, and smooth and simple gameplay. It’s rare to find a free game that does all 3, and Traffic Racer incorporates them all very well. The key appeal to Traffic Racer is that you get a chance to do some things behind the wheel that everyone at some point has wanted to do. Who hasn’t been running late and just wanted to put the petal to the medal and floor it bypassing cars while weaving through traffic?

You, the driver, have a 3rd person view of all the action. Here’s the setup: You view your car from behind. The Accelerator is on the right side of the screen, and the brakes are to the left side. You steer by tilting your phone/iphone or tablet/iPad. The steering is very responsive making it a breeze to weave in between ongoing and incoming traffic like a stunt driver in no time.

In Traffic Racer your goal is to gain points doing everything you would probably get a ticket for. Keep you car moving at over a speed of 100? You get points for that. Overtake another car’s position on the road? You get points for that. Drive on the opposite side of the street and go against the flow of traffic? You get points for that too!
At the time of writing this the game only had a few different gaming modes. Maybe a future update we will see some additions. You have a choice of either getting as far as you can without crashing in Endless mode (along a one-way or two-way street), seeing how many points you can accrue in 100 seconds in Time Trial, or just drive around doing whatever you want in Free Drive mode.

Solid graphics, car upgrades. enjoyable, and very addictive. You will be amazed out how well the developers have put the feeling of fast paced lane switching into the palm of your hands. Anyone who’s ever had road rage or bored while driving a car before – should definitely consider giving Traffic Racer a try.

Traffic Racer
Traffic Racer
Developer: Soner Kara
Price: Free*

Eternity Warriors 3

Eternity Warriors 3, a free-to-play action RPG by mobile gaming company Glu Mobile, is something like a huge mass of carnage that provides entertainment and tempts you to keep coming back for more. From the start of the game you get to choose between the big hunky Warrior or the Monk (the Elven female Mage was not selectable at the time of writing this article), you’re immediately thrown into hacking and slashing your way through dungeons.

The controls are simple enough, and the virtual thumbsticks in this game are responsive enough to deal with the fast-paced style of combat. A large button handles basic attacks with smaller ones for skills, which draw down your mana (or MP) and also have cooldown timers (an amount of time that must pass before you can use the skill again).

Your goal for each level is pretty straight forward, which is to eliminate undead, demons, wolves, and other monsters in the shortest amount of time possible. You will be graded on how fast you can clear them all out. Mini-bosses in the final zone of most levels are a little tougher, and the actual bosses of the three kingdoms provide nice challenges. Mostly though, it’s quantity over quality, putting your reflexes to the test against waves and waves of enemies.

After exiting a stage, you’ll find yourself in a town where you can equip different items before you continue with your adventure. There’s a social element in these towns too, but I didn’t experiment with that feature much. Overall, I’m enjoying Eternity Warriors 3 so far. If you’re into button smashing and monster killing with some RPG elements to boot then give this game shot.

Tips, Guides & Tricks:
This is a link to the Eternity Warriors 3 Primer Over at the official Eternity Warriors 3 forums on Glu’s website. It has Tips for Legendary Mode, Fusion Upgrades, info on Rarities and Reagents, Armor, and is updated regularly. It should definitely get you started on the right path to conquering this game.

Super Duck

A new Mario-style platform game For Android Titled Super Duck has landed onto Google Play from Mutant Bear Games. You play as the main character Super Duck, a mutant superhero, who travels through time and space to save all the ducks that have been kidnapped by an evil doctor which pretends to take over the world with his duck-mination machine. Your job is to save all the little ducks that are being kidnapped from different locations and period in time.

This is a pretty average and normal platformer in terms of gameplay so if you’ve played other titles such as Super Mario Bros, Lemmings, or Donkey Kong country, then you should feel right at home in Super Duck. There are puzzles you’ll need to solve in each level and if you get stuck on any particular level, you will be able to access the solution from within the game.

Super Duck Features:
* 56 unique levels in space, Egypt and North Pole
* Super Mario Bros style platformer meets the puzzle genre
* Inspired from the classic game Krusty Super Fun House!
* Ducks, ducks and more ducks :)
* Bombs and explosions
* Includes solution for levels if you’re stuck.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude, a new open world space RPG has arrived onto Android. Developed by Moonfish Software, this is a pretty big 3D Action-RPG that has lots of options where you can either follow the quests and storyline of the game or venture off on your own.

In terms of content, Galactic Phantasy Prelude has a lot of it packed into a download of about 300mb. You have the ability to build up your fleet with roughly around 46 different types of ships that are available across a variety of different classes from a Frigate up to a massive Battlecruiser and everything in between. Combat is much like a third-person arcade game, so you’ll actually need some skill to survive and do well in combat throughout the game.

With all the different possibilities of ships to have, there is a ton of customization options available for each one. There are over 2000 different pieces of equipment that can be used to customize your ships in Galactic Phantasy Prelude. This gives you the ability to tailor each ship and class to suit your style of gameplay. As for story mode, you can do whatever you want. The game is pretty open so if you want o go venturing off on your own or following the storyline, it doesn’t matter. There is a 10 star rating system for each mission so getting a perfect score might take a few attempts at first.

Your choice of survival in this game is up to you. You can rob other ships, smuggle goods and other not-so-good activities or you can be a good guy and stop ships from doing those types of activities. How you play this game is up to you. Galactic Phantasy Prelude is definitely not a game you will be finishing in one sitting.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude – Game Hints:

To increase your chance to survive battles:

1. Know your enemies: those that are substantially weaker than you are marked with a grey flag, those that are about the same level as you are marked yellow, those marked red are ones that you should consider to avoid.

2. Use Defense Matrix (DM) and Repair Ship. DM is a protective shield that blocks all incoming attack and it can get recharged when turned off. Repair Ship recovers your ship’s SP instantly during battles.

3. Add a wingman ship to your fleet which attacks your enemies and shares some damage for your flagship. Simply build a new ship in the shipyard and assign it the wingman ship in the “fleet” menu in a starport.

4. Use your most powerful ship as the flagship. You can change your flagship with the “swap” button in the “fleet” menu in a starport. Also see “how to build a new ship” for more information.”

How to avoid battle?

1. If you do not want to engage in battles with certain pirates, hold the “turbo” button at the lower right corner and enter the nearest starport or stargate quickly.

2. During battles, you can escape by clicking the “escape” button at the upper left corner and wait for 10 seconds.”

Tips on earning money in the game:

1. Rob the transport ships. They are weaker than other pirates.

2. Accept missions in the Information Center. You will be rewarded with money or equipment. Equipment earned in missions are often better than those found in the shops.

3. Pick the easier missions such as trailing (colored green in the missions menu) that do not involve battles.

4. If you have a transport ship, you can take the smuggling missions (colored purple) that require a large cargo hold.

5. Trade goods between different markets to profit from price differences. (See also “What is Golden Route?”)

6. Sell or recycle unneeded equipment, goods or ships.”

How to get blueprint?

You need a blueprint to build a new ship. Blueprints can be acquired in battles against pirate groups like the Blackbeard, Elhibor, Babyface Syndicate, Qayzan Fighters and Dralomee Defenders. The stronger the pirate fleet you encounter, the greater the chance you can obtain better blueprints. Besides robbing pirate fleets, you may also purchase blueprints in the blueprint store by credits.

How to get Materials?

Materials can be purchased from the mining plant of any starports.

Hero Siege

Hero Siege is a new free hack n’ slash game with a lot of rogue-like elements to it that also has tons of blood splattering all over the place when you kill. Optimistically billed by its developer, Panic Art Studios, as a mix between the legendary Diablo and indie darling The Binding of Isaac, Hero Siege attempt to lays its cards on the table before you start playing.

There are different classes you can play as – limited in this initial build to Viking, Pyromancer, and Marksman – each with their own skills and strengths. It’s made perfectly clear from te beginning that your aim here is to kill enemies and collect loot. There’s also a lot of weapons, even more enemies and achievements to unlock.

This is actually quite a big game and if you’re a fan of Diablo-style games, this game will be right up your alley. Just about everything in this game is randomly generated. This also means that even though it is a big game, it’ll always be different even if you get through it. Your character valiantly stalks through a range of pixelated environments dealing with waves of monsters, only pausing to interact with parts of the scenery, scoop up the aforementioned gold, and acquire magical potions, which can augment the power of the user.

Stellar performance in battle is rewarded with points which can be used to level up various attributes – such as health, strength, and attack speed – as well as a talent tree which is unique to each class.

Motocross Challenge

Are you a Motocross racing fan? Then you should be happy to know that there is a new official Motocross game available on Google Play called Motorcross Challenge aka MXGP. Using touch controls you can guide and control your character through each race, busting out stunts along the way.

Motocross Challenge, also known as MXGP, was developed by Timuz and features three different game modes to play through: Time Mode, Race against an opponent, and Stunt Mode. Each one is pretty self-explanatory and no matter what mode you’re racing through you will need to avoid hazards and avoid crashing all while trying to get your character in first place.

Motocross Challenge Features:

– TOUGH opponents to Challenge
– Unique characters to Unlock
– New STUNTS to perform
– Amazing HD graphics
– Exciting levels and different environments
– Stunning Bikes to UPGRADE
– Addictive game play with ultra smooth tilt controls.
– Google Play Game Services integrated for leader boards and achievements.
– UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leader board.
– Share on Facebook and Google Plus.

Like many other racing games, you will be able to upgrade your bikes so you can out perform the competition in future races. Don’t feel like doing a serious race? No Problem! There is a Stunt Mode available for you to unleash all sorts of tricks and stunts until you are ready for some hard core competition.