Spirit Stones a Puzzle-RPG by Gamevil recently released

Spirit Stones a Puzzle-RPG by Gamevil recently released

Spirit Stones

Gamevil has recently released a Puzzle-RPG called Spirit Stones onto Google Play, complete with a multiplayer PvP mode. This game is slightly different than what you might be thinking. For starters there is global PvP available, something you don’t find often in the puzzle genre. Another unique feature to Spirit Stones is that there is a bit of a TCG spin on it. While you progress through the game completing quests and getting stronger, you’ll be collecting cards of various heroes and creatures, all of which can evolve and become stronger. These cards translate into people and creatures you can use to form your group which you’ll use to play the game with or battle it out against other people and their groups of characters.

Spirit Stones Features:

– Unleash devastating attacks by planning strategic combos
– Battle the best players around the world each week for generous rewards
– Compete against friends and climb the weekly rankings
– Put your skills to the test by entering Hellgate
– Play with friends and dive to new depths
– Collect unique, powerful Heroes & assemble the finest team
– Level-up & evolve your cards for maximum power
– Each card comes equipped with beautifully illustrated artwork

Combat happens in the same fashion as most Puzzle-RPG titles which is using a Match-3 style of game to have your characters launch attacks against their enemies. The bigger the combo you create, the strong your attacks are. You can also group up with friends in this game and actually raid a location called The Hellgate for a more epic style of battle.

Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Developer: GAMEVIL Inc.
Price: Free*