Card games seem to be all the rave these days and what better way to enjoy such compelling hobby than having a card battle game directly on your phone. Spellstorm boldly adds a new twist to the game genre adding on an RPG-lite questline, complete with a talking book and stacks of battle opportunities and boosted by striking monster design and intense 3D animations for attacks. Maybe it would have felt more RPG like if the story was more thought out.

If you’ve played a CCG (Collectible Card Game) before then the mechanics of card-management won’t be too much of struggle, but newcomers might find the basic tutorial lacking some of the finer detail that’s invaluable the longer you play.

To explain, alongside your basic deck of monster archetype warriors – look, a wolf with a sword – there are buffs such as Artifacts (bonus weapons) that need to be assigned to cards, but you’ll only figure this out if you play the optional Summoner missions or you happen to stumble across a tiny box on each card in the Deck Management menu.

Fortunately, the main method of perking up your cards, Enhancing, is a more straightforward affair. All you have to do is sacrifice weaker warriors to level-up your better battlers. You’ll have to do this a lot, but it does feel like you’re actively engaged in building a better deck, making it more rewarding than the combat itself.

In Story mode, for example, you play a young Summoner who encounters a nefarious plot while walking persistently from right to left through woods, castles, and woods again.

Enemies pop up on every screen and can mostly be dispatched by simply tapping on them until all the loot they’re carrying tumbles out, which is tedious but mildly compelling. Only occasionally do you have to whip out your cards for a proper duel.

While the 3D scraps look rather gorgeous, as warriors hurl weaponry, spells, and presumably harsh language across the screen at each other, you don’t actually have to lift a finger, but despite the lacklustre combat and lack of depth you can still eke a few hours of rather insipid gameplay without spending any money.

Game Features:
★ Intense animated battles – watch the destruction unfold in in all of its glory!
★ PvP combat – battle other players for supremacy and dominate the leader boards for prizes!
★ Game events – compete in world game events for exclusive limited items you get nowhere else!
★ Strategy – Rich strategy options for deck building using abilities and powerful artifacts!
★ Engaging storyline pits your summoner against a powerful cult of necromancers!
★ Thrilling sound effects, visual effects, and an epic soundtrack!
★ Refer your friends for free cards!


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