Samurai Siege – Real-Time Strategy Combat

Samurai Siege – Real-Time Strategy Combat [Updated With Tips]

Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege, by Space Ape Games, is a multiplayer combat strategy game much like the hit title Clash Of Clans. You defend your village against hordes of enemy ninjas, samurai, and other creatures of lore.

You start off the game by having your village destroyed after an attack, and you must rebuild. Sensei and Commander Ren explain the (familiar) basics of the game, and you begin to gather resources.

There are two kinds of resources – Coins and Essence. You use Coins to build defences, and you use Essence to train new troops. You can send out troops to battles, but you don’t have direct control over them. You simply need to tap where you want them to appear and they do the rest.

You create new buildings to gather more resources or protect your village, and then wait for them to construct. Alternatively, you can speed up the process with premium currency

Samurai Siege is an enjoyable, marginally improved take on another game, and it moves its aim slightly more towards competitive play. Hardcore Clashers will want to give it their attention, as will those who missed out on all the Clash of Clans hubbub. But if you’ve already figured out that this brand of tactical resource-management isn’t your thing, Samurai Siege won’t change your mind.

Samurai Siege
Samurai Siege
Developer: Space Ape Games
Price: Free*

Some of our readers have asked for some help on some of the tougher campaign missions like Bang The Drums, The winding Path, Heavy Defenses, Eye Of The Storm just to name a few. We found a link to a youtube channel that is full of walkthroughs for all of the campaign missions so here is the link and hope it helps:
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