New Hack N’ Slasher Hero Siege Available For Android For Free

New Hack N’ Slasher Hero Siege Available For Android For Free

Hero Siege

Hero Siege is a new free hack n’ slash game with a lot of rogue-like elements to it that also has tons of blood splattering all over the place when you kill. Optimistically billed by its developer, Panic Art Studios, as a mix between the legendary Diablo and indie darling The Binding of Isaac, Hero Siege attempt to lays its cards on the table before you start playing.

There are different classes you can play as – limited in this initial build to Viking, Pyromancer, and Marksman – each with their own skills and strengths. It’s made perfectly clear from te beginning that your aim here is to kill enemies and collect loot. There’s also a lot of weapons, even more enemies and achievements to unlock.

This is actually quite a big game and if you’re a fan of Diablo-style games, this game will be right up your alley. Just about everything in this game is randomly generated. This also means that even though it is a big game, it’ll always be different even if you get through it. Your character valiantly stalks through a range of pixelated environments dealing with waves of monsters, only pausing to interact with parts of the scenery, scoop up the aforementioned gold, and acquire magical potions, which can augment the power of the user.

Stellar performance in battle is rewarded with points which can be used to level up various attributes – such as health, strength, and attack speed – as well as a talent tree which is unique to each class.