New 3D RTS game First Wood War

New 3D RTS game First Wood War

First Wood War

A new 3D RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game has arrived onto Google Play this morning called First Wood War. This particular RTS game is more in the style of siege warfare type of games then say an RTS game like Warcraft. However, this is actually a pretty detailed RTS game even for a siege type of title with a pretty deep skill and technology tree, multiple paths that you and your enemy can take, and animated battlegrounds with hazards as well. Developed by United Apps Limited, this game comes with both single players and multiplayer PvP modes and some pretty solid visuals and animated battlegrounds to fight your enemies in.

Game Features:
✔ The true RTS experience on Android. Discover breathtaking battles in HD 3D!
✔ PvP Multiplayeer! Join real-time battles against other players
✔ Over 50 different units, artillery and 20 fortifications – chose your own battle tactics for success!
✔ Advanced TECH TREE – upgrade your armies and buildings, discover new battle units!
✔ Optimized controls – easy to learn for both new and veteran RTS players.
✔ Over 20 UNIQUE battle locations (maps), three difficulty modes and dynamic AI to make each battle unique!
✔ Original and unique world. Amazing creatures and locations will make your journey unforgettable

As you can see with the above list of features, content-wise First Wood War has plenty of it. The fact that there is such a deep tech tree with so many units (over 50), each with upgrades, means that this game has a lot of possibilities strategy-wise to use. The real challenge will be going up against other people online in PvP multiplayer with their unique army builds.

First Wood War
First Wood War
Developer: Zillion Whales
Price: Free*


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