Megapolis – city building has never been so fun!

Megapolis – city building has never been so fun!

First impressions are so important for a game like Megapolis, because it’s competing in a massively oversubscribed genre. Happily, its cheery, breezy, carefree attitude is a delight from the moment you boot it up. The soundtrack is that classic lounge music that accompanied the best sims of the ’90s, at once totally infectious and utterly forgettable.

I love the little details in the design of every building and plot of land you add to the landscape. One of the earliest you’ll see is two little chaps running about loading crates into a lorry. When one of them knocks into a big stack of them and they start wobbling, the other hastily catches them.

Megapolis is a true cross-platform city builder that allows players to switch between Facebook, iOS and Android. No energy resource, so time is the main constraint. Well animated in a pleasant graphical style.

* Awesome realistic 3D graphics
* World famous architecture from ancient to modern
* More than 500 buildings and sites, hundreds of construction materials
* Teamwork with your neighbors
* City expansion both on land and over the sea
* Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

Price: Free*