Heroes of Destiny

Heroes of Destiny

Heroes Of Destiny

Direct a team of heroes with unique skills through a series of intense battles for fame, glory, and epic loot!
Most games force you to follow a path, kill a predetermined number of enemies, collect item drops, level-up, and repeat over and over. Heroes of Destiny is strangely refreshing because doesn’t try to hide from this fact – it positively embraces the linear grind-fest at its core. And best of all its FREE
This is a neat, distilled action-RPG with nearly all of the flabby bits trimmed away, leaving an experience that feels perfectly at home on iOS and Android.

Join the fight and guide your own Heroes of Destiny to victory!
➤ Control a team of up to 4 heroes with simple, intuitive touch controls.
➤ Fun real-time strategy and fantasy action RPG style gameplay.
➤ Play heroes of different classes, each with their own unique skills.
➤ Awesome 3D characters and environments – battle monsters in richly detailed outdoor, dungeon, and city environments.
➤ Replayable missions with unique boss missions and cool loot rewards!
➤ Hundreds of different gear types to customize your heroes and improve their combat stats.
➤ More playable content to come in future updates!

Developer: Glu
Price: Free*


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