Google Play gets a new look – the official rolling out the...

Google Play gets a new look – the official rolling out the new UI for Google Play has begun

Google Play Update

Google has officially announced and begun rolling out the new design for the Google Play store and booted 60,000 scam apps from its virtual shop shelves. The redesign of the digital store is mostly cosmetic. Google has ditched the dark theme and poky icons of the old shop in favour of white backgrounds and bigger app images. Android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 or higher will at some point over the next week or so be receiving the new layout.

The entire layout focuses on simplicity and visuals. The design is meant to be more simple in terms of how it looks, more clean and smooth but also simplified in usage, making it easier to find what you are looking for, but at what cost? This overhauled Google Play interface results in far less information being shown on one screen at a time. On a typical android phone, the Top Paid section used to show about 14 apps at once. Now, however, only nine fit on the screen.
google play update

You’ll also find that the installation process has been streamlined (meaning free apps, especially, are even easier to download and install), and in-app purchases no longer boot you back to the Store. With all these new improvements that come with this redesign of the Google Play store application, there is still one thing missing and that is the return of the ‘Just In’ section for games and applications. Something Google removed awhile ago much to he dismay of just about everyone. Perhaps it will make its appearance once again in the future. The Google Play update is live in the US now, and will be rolling out around the world “over the next few weeks”.
google play update