GDC 2013 News: Wargaming Announces World of Tanks Blitz Coming To Android

GDC 2013 News: Wargaming Announces World of Tanks Blitz Coming To Android

World Of Tanks: Blitz

Wargaming, the developer and publisher responsible for free-to-play World of Tanks on PC, has announced at GDC 2013(Game Developers Conference) a new free-to-play MMO mobile title, World of Tanks Blitz will be coming to Android and iOS soon. Inspired by the PC version and built specifically for tablet and smartphones, World of Tanks Blitz offers the same tactical and team-based gameplay as the original along with multiple tanks each with their own unique abilities. Players will get to experience all the tank combat action on their Android or iOS device while doing battle online in 7 vs. 7 matches.

The game derives its best traits from the original World of Tanks title, introducing an impressive park of vehicles from several tankbuilding superpowers that include well-rounded medium tanks, powerful heavy tanks, and intimidating tank destroyers. Each class has a set of multiple features, giving unique playing style to every model.

With its simple and handy controls, World of Tanks Blitz lets you control supermassive machines only with your thumbs and helps focus on the combat, while deep game mechanics allow for well-paced gameplay and tactical diversity.

Multiplatform Support

World of Tanks Blitz is playable on a wide range of Android and iOS devices. Get into short, action-packed 7 versus 7 PvP battles no matter where you are.

Stunning Graphics

Console-quality visuals make World of Tanks Blitz a unique combination of non-stop fun and stunning looks, giving you a front seat into the intensity of real-life tank combat.

Part of Universe

Use a single ID account to give you instant access to all of’s gaming products, including World of Tanks Blitz. Take your combat to smartphones, tablets, and the PC.