Galaxy Factions – Visually Impressive RTS

Galaxy Factions – Visually Impressive RTS

Galaxy Factions

Galaxy Factions, a new RTS game, has arrived onto Google Play bringing a Clash of Clans style of play with an intergalactic twist to Android. Developed by Coco Entertainment International, who also brought us Chaos Fighters, and Legend of Monsters. There are a variety of unit types to research and build in order to defend against enemy attacks or to launch your own assault on another player. Along side your units you get to choose a selection of heroes to play as. Visually, Galaxy Factions looks pretty impressive. The game has fully 3D rendered graphics and a movable camera that you can adjust to your liking.

This game has already been released for iOS, which is a good thing. Galaxy Factions is cross-platform compatible, meaning that with Android version has been released, you automatically have access to the existing player-base of iOS players. No waiting around for other players necessary, as there will be plenty of people to fight right away.

Your aim is to protect your equipment and resources by building turret defenses and deploying troops. There are 12 unique unit types to help you do this. The ultimate goal is to continuously upgrade your space station into an all-out fortress while you find and collect the game’s 10 available hero classes and the special abilities each of them bring to the battlefield.

Galaxy Faction’s visuals are where the game really shines, they are simply stunning. The attention to detail, the vibrant colors while mining, and the amount of time it takes to load upon first launch. The in-game menus have a very outer space look and feel to them. The character design is also amazing. Some of this detail is lost to the sheer magnitude on which Galaxy Factions is set. Thankfully since the user has control over the camera you are able to zoom in at any time to appreciate this.

If clan vs. clan titles are your thing, it might be worth checking out Galaxy Factions. The eye popping visuals and hard core real-time strategic combat make this title refreshing, yet challenging at the same time. The game is free to download. You can also check the game out in action in the video below. Leave a comment and a rating so we can know how you felt about the game.