EA’s new installment to the FIFA series FIFA 2014 will be free-to-play...

EA’s new installment to the FIFA series FIFA 2014 will be free-to-play for mobile gamers [Updated With Download Link And Tips]

FIFA 2014

Gaming giant EA has announced during Gamescom 2013 that FIFA 2014 will be a free-to-play title this time around when it is released for mobile gamers.
This news comes as EA continues their transition from releasing traditionally paid games to mostly free-to-play titles onto iOS and Android. Just about every game as of late from EA has been free-to-play with new additions to their current franchises that were once paid games now being released as free-to-play titles. This will probably make some people happy while it will most likely disappoint other fans of the FIFA franchise.

As far as how exactly EA plans to implement the IAPs(in app purchases) is FIFA 2014, no real details have been announced so your guess is as good as ours right now. Pair this news up with the fact that FIFA 2014 will also have new touchscreen controls, which basically eliminated any sort of onscreen joystick and revolving more around swipe gestures and screen taps, how successful FIFA 2014 ends up being will be interesting to watch.

So when can you expect to get your hands on this game? EA hasn’t announced any real release date yet but a safe bet would be the game launching at the same time its console brethren is released which is September 27th, 2013. When further details are announced, we’ll be sure to post an update.


How to play Fifa 14 ? What’s Tips and tricks to play on Fifa 14 you need to know?
FIFA 14 has been very successful in bringing gamers the excitement felt when they scored a goal, making the shot and make the operation a new touch control very precisely . And here are a few tips and tricks on Fifa 14 that can help you conquer the challenges in this game easily as possible:

Tip 1: Do not ever try to take the ball (an opponent) by blocking him from behind in FIFA 14. If you are trying to perform this action, the true recipe that is already on a yellow card for his, or worse a red card in the game. Instead, you should try to take the ball from one of two players: either the player is facing a ball player or click above to carried out and the ball moves to the desired position of you.

Tip 2: Do not forget that you can make the sprint phase in its own way to get out of trouble cases or to move to a better position on the football field. However, to perform this operation, you need to ensure high levels of accuracy for their actions. Note that click any location on the screen to help the players on the field sprint, and move your finger up and down the screen lightly to redirect their movement for accurate jog.

Tip 3: Definitely you’ll have to take a certain amount of time to do with the new touch controls in FIFA 14 versions for mobile platforms this year. Therefore, Fifa recommend that you spend a bit of time to try to experience the game takes place in quick time before deciding to participate in the challenge of the tournament. You can also find out information and guidance to support and improve operations for individual players in the help of FIFA 14.

Tip 4: This is a pretty good tip to help gamers can earn huge amounts of cash from the first stage of FIFA 14. The first team that you face with weak skills and can easily be defeated by a clever striker. Your task is to focus on the action moving through the ball, pass the ball around and the demand.